TEMPO offers services to keep athletes healthy, and rehabs athletes who may be experiences acute or chronic injuries back to sport.

Limited Times but I can work with your schedule as much as I possibly can.

Sundays >11:30 am- 7pm

Mondays 11:30-3:00pm and 7-8:30 pm

Fridays 6:30pm-8:30pm

Consultation: $125

This 60 minute thorough consultation are to evaluate someone who is suffering from pain or discomfort in a very detailed fashion The evaluation is not meant to only assess what is hurting but to get down and figure out WHY!

Do you have muscle power imbalances? Mobility deficits? Muscle coordination/activation discrepancies? Not sure? We can help you.

For runners with pain: there is a gait analysis done for you as well.

You are receive gait analysis results and everyone received their consultation write up emailed post visit.


  • History Intake

  • Goal set up

  • Physical Exam: functional movement screen, muscle testing, mobility testing,

  • Running Gait Analysis (if needed)

  • Treatment (manual)

  • Home Exercise Program

Maintenance Program Membership: $80/month

This is a year around program- that is mean to help you stay on track. Our goal is assist you with your training by becoming part of your recovery program.


  • Initial Functional Movements Screen (FMS Test)

    • Done visit 1 and 1x every 2 months.

  • 1x Week Normatec Compression Recovery

    • please wear shorts

  • 3x month of Manual therapy

    • May consist of: manual soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release, manual stretching, Hypervolt

You do have to commit to a 2 month membership first time, after it is on a month to month basis.

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