Strength is the maximal force that a muscle or a group of muscles can generate at a specific velocity. - Knuttgen and Kraemer. 

Strength training is an important component to most sports. For some reason a lot of distance runners tend to leave out this aspect from their training. Let me say, it is very important. In two studies conducted, researchers found that runners that incorporated just a 6 week strengthening program that was carried out 3x/week found an increase in VO2max and increase capacity to run to exhaustion from 13.7- 21.3 %. (K ChamariM ChaouachiA ChaouachiD KoubaaY FekiG Millet, and  M Amri). 

Thus, on this strength page, my goal is provide some strengthening exercises that can be incorporated to your routine in hopes to further improve your training, improve performance, and reduce injury.