Exercise of the Day Split Squat With Band

Split Squat with medial resistance via a band. 

Goal of this exercise is to of course get the glutes and quads to fire up, and to also train yourself to carry out this exercises in optimal form. You should pay attention to your joints. The knee should not drive forward past the toes, and that the hip, knee , and ankle should be aligned. 

1. Loop band around a post, and place the band around outer leg so that you are getting a resistance inward, (goal is to fight band and hold knee into abduction. 

2. Take a few steps away so that you get a good amount of resistance. The resistance should be something you know you can manage, where you can keep the knee in line and still carry out the exercises.

3. Place one foot in front of the other, rather wide. If your feet are too close together (longitudinally) then your knees will travel over your knee, or you will load too much weight on the rear leg and foot. 

4. Squat straight down, goal is to have the front leg squat to a perfect 90 deg angle. 

5. Hold for 5 sec and come straight back up and repeat. 

If you are a distance runner, you are working on strength AND endurance. So 3x10, that doesn't really work. You are running >10 miles. I would go higher reps 15-20.

Short distance runners, sprinters, you want a little more power and strength, so less reps 5-8 , may be able to hold a 15 lb KB or dumbells.