Exercise of the Day: Single Leg RDL


Single leg RDL

You are working on hip hinging, eccentric and concentric glute strength, eccentric hamstring strength, ankle stability, trunk stability. 

1. Start with both feet together- slightly bent

2. Shift your weight to one leg. If your are going to start off on the right leg, you will hold the KB in the opposite arm and vice versa.

3. Shift weight, brace abdominals and squeeze shoulder blades back, AND then lift the opposite leg back (contract/tighten quad and glute) 

5. Begin to hinge at hips, almost as if someone is pulling your hips back, and then slowly drop the trunk down. Maintain your back in neutral position (no arching) and hips neutral (try not to let hip drop down or flare out) 

6. If you are holding a KB or dumbbell you want to think about trying to get the weight down towards the inside of your midfoot. 

7. As you being to feel a pull in the hamstring, come back up slowly - squeezing your glutes as you are coming all the way back up. You want to make sure you don't lose your neutral spine position.

You want to be "as straight as an iron board".